We make longevity sustainable.

Combining data science & a human centered approach to deliver the best aging outcomes for families and insurers.

The high cost of aging.

When health and function decline with age, the result is costly for families, insurance carriers, and society at large.


of older adults will need long-term care at some point in their lives.


is the average cost of long-term care per person.


is the increase in cost for new long-term care insurance policies over the last five years.

Successful aging through evidence based interventions.

Successful aging can slow down or prevent deterioration and allow older adults to live with dignity, choice, and independence in the place they call home.

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Actualizing the path to successful aging.

We understand who to help, when to help and how to help using evidence based intervention methods proven in population management. We shift populations to successful aging by utilizing our patent-pending technology and a human-centered approach.

Our patent-pending technology:

  • Collects and analyzes data to accurately predict the aging journey of the policyholder.

  • Identifies optimal timing and frequency of interventions to prevent further age-related decline.

  • Analyzes blocks of policies to maximize the efficacy of interventions and increase block-level ROI.

Our human-centered approach:

  • Provides 1:1 engagement points to execute evidence based interventions.

  • Supports individuals to succeed at achieving their goals related to where and how they age.

  • Delivers a network of specialized partners, providing world-class customer experiences and technologies.

A win-win for both insurers and families.

Work with us

Reduce claim incidence for existing policyholders.

Collaborate with us

Integrate successful aging / proactive risk management into your life and retirement portfolio

Age in place

Live with dignity, choice, and independence in the place you call home

Meet the team

We are a team of physicians, data scientists, and technologists, who are building a platform that can accurately predict and reduce the cost of longevity risk. Using AI, data analysis, proprietary software, we are able to address longevity risk in a holistic manner.

Hear what our members and partners say about us.

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“Almost everyone shares the goal of aging in place. There’s nothing like home and it’s really great if you can stay there as long as possible. The challenge is knowing what you have to do to stay at home, and then doing it. As a geriatrician in my later years myself, I’m encouraged by the way Assured Allies is addressing this issue head on.”

It Takes A Village.

Assured Allies is proud to partner with a national network of organizations that excel in providing world- class customer experiences and technologies that help meet the needs of our aging population.

If you have solutions that can help make aging better, safer and/or healthier we’d love to hear from you.