Successful Aging Solutions for a Generation that Redefines the Possible

Transform your suite of financial products with NeverStop, an integrative, market-expanding solution that reduces risk and excites consumers. NeverStop targets those who recognize the wisdom of “the sooner the better” when it comes to long-term physical and financial well-being. The gap is enormous: over 50% of adults 55+ are projected to need long-term care, but only 7% are insured. Together we can bring innovative new products to meet the urgent needs of older adults today.

Solving for Older Adults Who Want to Prevent What They Can, and Prepare for What They Can’t

NeverStop can help your company connect emotionally with a generation that refuses to adopt the conventional norms of aging.
Our market-expanding program recognizes their appetite for making Successful Aging a positive lifestyle choice.

An Integrative Solution

Meet consumer expectations and overcome legacy obstacles to category growth with our multifaceted platform.

All-Digital Underwriting

Our all-digital underwriting takes only 30 minutes to complete, needs no medical reports, and delivers the applicant’s underwriting risk class within the hour. This immediacy is what consumers expect today.

Sophisticated Actuarial Modeling and Product Design

Our actuarial team has built a suite of precision modeling tools for our carriers that broaden access and reduce the likelihood of premium volatility.


We improve members' odds of healthy aging far into the future with a personalized, evidence-based wellness plan, informed by an in-depth individual assessment based upon large data sets of aging populations.


We built our program around the insights of behavioral psychology and gamification- with meaningful rewards along the way-to inspire participation and delight. Our wellness concierges demonstrate our commitment and provide real value.


The NeverStop generation thrives on change and innovation. We aim to exceed expectations with our growing ecosystem of content creators, software innovators, and device manufacturers to keep the platform vibrant and up-to-the-minute.

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Industry Insider Takes

EquiTrust is always looking for ways to bring additional value to our policyholders. Our development of this innovative product through our partnership with Assured Allies will give us access to NeverStop, which will give our policyholders both the practical tools and the financial means to achieve the goal of aging in place."
Joe Norton, Chief Operating Officer at EquiTrust

NeverStop is an industry innovator. We are in the middle of the the baby boomer retirement wave with long-term care being one of the biggest risks to retirement. NeverStop has developed an outside the box solution that will differentiate you from the competition and endear you to your clients."
Jim Silbernagel CFP®, LUTCF

NeverStop changes the conversation of long-term care from fear, products and confusion of fees and returns to a planning discussion that assures a better quality of life with more control."
Curtis V. Cloke, CLTC, LUTF, RICP®

NeverStop changes the conversation around long-term care insurance, and gives financial professionals the opportunity to deliver tremendous immediate and long-term value to their clients by combining the benefits of a wellness program with long-term care coverage. The guaranteed issue component to the product really puts it over the top. I can't imagine why someone wouldn't want to offer NeverStop to their clients!"
Tom Hegna

My team of NeverStop Wellness Allies are excited to work with diverse adults 55+ who have a desire to remain healthy and independent for as long as possible. Our personalized plans help folks pinpoint which healthy actions they can work on today to reach their goals for successful aging, and continue to reap the benefits of it for decades to come. As a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer, preventative health is a personal passion of mine, and I am continually inspired by my team and the wealth of knowledge and support they have to offer our members. It’s a great group of passionate individuals who sincerely wish to help others succeed!"
Alexandra Pitkin-Morin, Service Delivery Leader