Improves Lives. Reduces Claims.

If you are a carrier with existing long-term care insurance blocks, we can bend the actuarial curve. We’ve succeeded in reducing claim incidence by as much as 13% with our personalized and predictive wellness interventions. Our analytics enable you to selectively target-and invest in-those at the highest risk. No other program has ever been proven to make this possible. AgeAssured flows seamlessly into the relationship with insureds and is welcomed and appreciated by policyholders.

We Can Flow Seamlessly into Your Relationship with Policyholders. Our Support Is Welcomed and Appreciated by Them.

Like All Predictive Analytics, Time Improves Accuracy

Our track record speaks for itself. We work with four of the top LTCI carriers in the U.S. today and are expanding our reach from 50K to 200K lives in 2023. We’re learning a lot as we scale. Our preventative care methodologies will only get better.


reduction in claims payments


reduction in claims incidence


NPS Score

Four Drivers of Extended Aging-in-Place


We identify those at risk of triggering claims with predictive analytical models that correlate individual data to population-level models. Our models are three times more accurate than the industry standard.


Personalized, evidence-based wellness interventions target and engage the at-risk population to optimize your Successful Aging budget.


Our "sticky" platform keeps your policyholders actively participating. The integration of programming, content, and concierge interaction is highly effective.


We don't work in a silo. Our impressive partner network includes wellness experts, financial institutions, and product innovators to open wide the doors of Successful Aging.

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Find out how our program can help you age safely in place so you can live the way you choose.

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Contact us anytime. We'd love to discuss how we can help your organization support aging-in-place and reduce claims.

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I’m so grateful for Assured Allies and the services they provided me. It was just what I needed after my surgery to help me stay at home, and my home means a lot to me. I’ve lived here since 1960!"

It's reassuring to know that Assured Allies is always willing to help me with all my questions and needs. Thank you!"

This is a great program. It gives me a sense of additional security and there are good tips and advice."