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The origin of our company is steeped in personal experience + seasoned entrepreneurship.

Through firsthand experience as caregivers to their own parents and grandparents, Assured Allies’ company founders, Roee Nahir and Afik Gal, recognized that despite the many benefits of longevity, aging also presents many challenges – including biopsychosocial stress and the financial sustainability of long-term care.

As a doctor and data scientist they knew there was a better way than simply hoping for the best. As entrepreneurs, they were surprised to find no one was yet working on a comprehensive solution using data as a key. They decided to take on the biggest challenges of aging, knowing the best solutions would involve technical innovation and empathy in equal doses.

In 2018, they gathered a team of physicians and data scientists, social workers and experts on aging, to apply lessons learned in healthcare’s managed care programs and develop technology and expertise in aging, to help people make the most of their life.

Since then, Assured Allies has been working with long-term care (LTC) industry leaders and long-term care insurance (LTCI) companies to better support successful aging.

In 2020 Assured Allies launched the Age Assured program, the company’s first innovation: a free program offered through long term care insurance companies designed for people who want help continuing to live independently as they age.

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Meet our Leadership Team

Our company thrives at the intersection of multiple disciplines.  Our ideas, visions, and technologies are driven and realized by experienced and highly motivated experts in biology, data science, and motivation. Our leadership team places great value on diversity to combine the best of two worlds: caregiving and technology.

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