The following terms and conditions (the “Terms”) govern your participation in Assured’s NeverStop Wellness Program (“NeverStop”), including without limitation, the accrual of Wellness Credits (as defined below) based upon your completion of pre-determined actions.  For purposes of these Terms, “you” or “your” shall be the policy holder, and “Assured”, “we” or “our” refers to Assured Inc.

  1. Assured’s Terms of Service are incorporated herein by reference and apply to the NeverStop Wellness Program, including without limitation, the disclaimers, limitations of liability and all other provisions.

  1. Concurrent with the issuance to you of a long-term care (LTC) insurance policy by your insurance carrier (the “Carrier”), you will (a) receive an email containing a link for enrollment in NeverStop, and (b) the Carrier will charge you its annual membership fee to cover your participation in NeverStop.  For clarification purposes, Assured will not charge or invoice you for any fees related to your membership/participation in the NeverStop Wellness Program, as all fees shall only be invoiced by, and paid directly to, your Carrier.  Similarly, any refund you may be entitled to receive due to the cancellation of your participation in the NeverStop Wellness Program shall be subject to your Carrier’s refund policies and will only be issued by the Carrier.

  1. Upon receipt of our enrollment email, please click on the link and proceed with the NeverStop enrollment process, which includes: (i) providing us or otherwise confirming various personal data and contact information about yourself, including without limitation, specific health data, (ii) establishing a NeverStop account, and (iii) selecting what actions  you’d like to complete as part of the NeverStop program. We may contact you in order to remind you about your enrollment until you’ve successfully enrolled.  In addition, we have customer service representatives who will gladly assist you with your enrollment, and they can be contacted by sending an email or by calling the toll-free phone number listed in the last section below.

  1. You are responsible for notifying us of any change(s) to your contact details and health information.  You may use the email/phone number listed below to contact us.

  1. Participation in NeverStop is not mandatory but you are required to actively cancel your NeverStop membership if you do not wish to participate in our wellness program.  You may cancel solely by contacting your Carrier.  If you do not cancel your NeverStop membership, your Carrier will charge the membership fee to you annually.  As we’ve noted above, refunds will be solely processed by your Carrier subject to the Carrier’s applicable refund policy, and not by Assured.

  1. As you complete various actions from amongst those that you’ve selected during the course of your membership you will earn wellness credits (the “NeverStop Credits”).  The value of your NeverStop Credits and the rewards extended by your Carrier in exchange for such credits (e.g., extending your LTC coverage, increasing your withdrawal amounts, etc.) will be determined by your Carrier in its sole discretion.  Please refer to the LTC coverage materials supplied by your Carrier for the details pertaining to your NeverStop Credits.  Any questions you may have regarding the application of your NeverStop Credits should be raised directly with your Carrier.  You acknowledge the value(s) ascribed to NeverStop Credits that are earned from completing various actions may change from time to time, but such changes shall only go into effect prospectively.

  1. If you cancel your NeverStop membership for any reason and at any time: (i) all of your accrued/accumulated NeverStop Credits through such date will be immediately forfeited and unrecoverable, and (iii) you will not be permitted to re-enroll within NeverStop once you’ve canceled your membership.

  1. While most of the actions from which you may choose are included in the membership fee that you pay to your Carrier, certain activities and programs that are offered by third party vendors charge a separate fee.  We will make an effort to identify those that charge an additional fee.  The ‘extra’ vendor fees will be paid directly by you to each applicable vendor, and not to Assured.
  2. Assured has sole discretion with respect to the administration and enforcement of these Terms, which Assured may modify from time to time in its sole discretion.

  1. Your NeverStop Credits are not transferable, and may not be combined with any other rewards and/or with any other member’s credits.

  1. The NeverStop Credits are meant to reward you for your participation and involvement in our NeverStop Wellness Program. If Assured determines in its discretion that you were improperly awarded NeverStop Credits for any reason, Assured reserves the right to deny, revoke or cancel such credits.  If, on the other hand, you believe that you have earned, but not received, NeverStop Credits, you should submit a request to Assured by email to the email address listed below.  We may require you to submit documentation or other proof satisfactory to Assured to substantiate your claim(s).  Please allow 30 days from the date of your email for Assured to review your submission and either render a decision or request additional information.

  1. While Assured has the final decision on all matters pertaining to your membership in the NeverStop Wellness Program, your LTC Carrier has the final decision on all matters pertaining to  the application of your NeverStop Credits and/or any other terms associated therewith. In the event of a dispute over such matters, you will be required to submit such dispute directly to your LTC Carrier. 

  1. By participating in the NeverStop Wellness Program, you authorize Assured to send you electronic communications, some of which may be considered commercial advertising or promotional in nature.  You may always opt-out of receiving marketing communications by (i) clicking on the unsubscribe link located the footer of each email message, by replying “STOP” (or some other message designated by the Company) to any SMS that we send you, by writing to us at the email address listed below, or by calling us at the number listed below.  Even after you’ve opted out, you will continue to receive certain email communications that are not of an advertising or promotional nature.

  1. You expressly authorize Assured to share with your Carrier, and likewise for your Carrier to share with Assured, your personal information, including without limitation, health and behavioral data, all in connection with your NeverStop membership.  Your authorization is required for your participation in the NeverStop Wellness program and for you to enjoy the benefits thereof.  You further acknowledge and authorize Assured to use your information for administrative and other permissible business purposes consistent with Assured’s Privacy Policy.

  1. All communications under these Terms that you send to Assured may be sent either via email to [email protected] or you may call us on +1 800-901-3207.

Version: February 2024