Project managers: Five reasons why 2024 is our breakout year

As we step into 2024, I’m excited about the future of project management. Looking back at my work for Assured Allies’ AgeAssured program, which helps older adults thrive at home safely and independently, I’ve witnessed the incredible innovation and productivity in our field that happens when diverse perspectives, technology, and clear communication come together. Here are five reasons why I’m optimistic about 2024.

1. Increasing diversity

2024 will drive forward the aspiration towards greater diversity and inclusion within our ranks. Our field needs talent from all backgrounds. By harnessing the unique talents and experiences of individuals from all backgrounds, we can unlock innovative solutions and build a stronger, more resilient community.

II. Better communication

Whether it’s fostering collaboration, aligning stakeholders, or simply avoiding misunderstandings, clear and concise communication is the backbone of every successful project. In 2024, project managers will continue to become masters of the art, inspiring and motivating those around us through transparent and impactful communication.

Personally, I hope to follow more consistently the communication strategies that I recommend to others. I will avoid jargon and technical terms that may not be understood by everyone; communicate important information as soon as possible rather than at the last minute; and start every meeting with a clear agenda. After each meeting, I’ll follow up as quickly as possible with meeting minutes to help people to stay on track.

III. Better tools

2024 will continue of course the long-standing trend of game-changing technology in our field. Project managers who pay attention and shape how their teams are using company collaboration and communication software to maximize efficiency and protect everyone’s focus time will always be ahead of the pack. This year, let’s continue to break down silos, explore new possibilities, and harness the power of data-driven decision-making across all of our technological platforms.

IV. No more burnout

Last but not least, let’s not forget to exhale. The days of the “workhorse” mentality are over. We can achieve incredible things without sacrificing well-being. By adopting smart tools and modeling expectations for productivity and how to measure it (hint, it’s not about hours facing a screen!), we can all help each other to excel without burnout.

V. Agility

In a world of constant change, the power to anticipate and address challenges proactively is vital. In 2024, project managers will step forward as agile leaders who embrace change as a catalyst for growth. The COVID-19 pandemic, for example, was an opportunity for many companies to reflect on what could be improved. At Assured Allies, we immediately embraced the change and used it to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies across the company, which enabled us to almost seamlessly transition to a remote work environment. After some trial and error, we gravitated to a set of tools best suited for our culture of interdisciplinary collaboration. 

As we leave 2023 behind, let’s leave behind the habits that hinder our progress. Instead, let’s embrace respectful dialogue, mindful communication, and collaborative problem-solving.

I look forward to a promising year ahead—a year of progress and inclusivity in our profession. May it bring us peace.