Assured Allies Announces a Multi-Year Partnership to Support CalPERS Long-Term Care Policyholders in Maintaining Their Independence

Assured Allies will provide the AgeAssured program to over 45,000 CalPERS policyholders for a period of at least 5 years

AgeAssured has demonstrated a 10% reduction in claim payments, helping policyholders continue to live independently in their homes

BOSTON, May 22, 2024—Assured Allies, the leading insurtech company for evidence-based successful aging, today announced the launch of an AgeAssured pre-claim wellness program that will serve CalPERS long-term care policyholders. 

The AgeAssured program will be offered at no cost to eligible CalPERS long-term care policyholders, for a period of at least 5 years. CalPERS policyholders who are 75 and older and not on claim,  will gain access to AgeAssured personal coaching and evidence-based preventative interventions to help them age successfully and continue to live safely and independently in their homes. 

Roee Nahir, co-founder and CEO, said: “We are honored that CalPERS is entrusting us with their policyholders’ wellbeing. This strategic partnership is a significant milestone for Assured Allies, and a testament to the success of our cutting-edge solutions in creating real value for both policyholders and insurance carriers.”

“With the launch of the program with CalPERS, the AgeAssured platform now serves over 130,000 long-term care policyholders across numerous leading insurance carriers,” Nahir added. “We continue to exceed our growth targets, reflecting the significant demand for innovative solutions in the long-term care space.”  

AgeAssured is a complementary, evidence-based program offered in collaboration with leading long-term care insurance carriers to reduce age-related disability and promote the independence of policyholders. The program utilizes machine-learning models to identify policyholders who are at the highest risk of disability and leverages the latest science of aging to provide them with personalized care interventions to reduce their risk and help them remain independent for as long as possible.  

By identifying policyholders with the greatest need, and providing personalized predictive wellness interventions, AgeAssured has demonstrated a 10% reduction in claim payments in their longest-running program.

About Assured Allies

Founded in 2017, Assured Allies is on a mission to make Successful Aging accessible to all. Assured Allies is the leading provider of evidence-based Successful Aging innovation, with deep expertise in data science, best practices for aging in place, and program management. The company’s two products, AgeAssured and NeverStop, both reduce risk of premature age-related decline and keep people active and living at home longer. Assured Allies is headquartered in Boston and has an office in Tel Aviv. 

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