Assured Allies Launches NeverStop, Creating a New Era of Successful Aging for the Growing, Wellness-Motivated 55+ Market

Launching with EquiTrust Life Insurance Company to revolutionize long-term care with guaranteed issue Bridge Fixed Annuity

BOSTON and TEL AVIV, November 15, 2022 – Assured Allies, creators of the first successful aging platform through evidence-based interventions, today announced the launch of NeverStop, a science-backed wellness program designed to create the next generation of long-term care (LTC) insurance that delivers benefits to individuals, their families and insurance carriers. 

The innovative wellness program uses data and predictive modeling based on the latest science of aging to help individuals stay active and connected. Participants can enroll in NeverStop as early as age 55 and can be rewarded with additional insurance coverage based on level of participation.

Assured Allies was founded in 2017 with a mission to make successful aging accessible by combining data, predictive analytics, science and human support. In 2020, the firm introduced AgeAssured, a free program offered through LTC insurance companies for individuals aged 75+ who want help continuing to live independently. The launch of NeverStop is the next step in Assured Allies’ mission of making successful aging more financially accessible. 

The first carrier to integrate NeverStop’s services is EquiTrust Life Insurance Company, which is issued through the new Bridge fixed indexed annuity and LTC rider. Bridge allows its members to have access to NeverStop, through which they can earn more LTC coverage, a long-term care plan, the ability to protect and grow their assets and an Assured digital underwriting process that takes 30 minutes to complete and has a 100% guarantee acceptance.

As it currently stands, very few people who need LTC coverage are able to access it. In fact, it’s estimated that 50% of older adults will need long-term care at some point in their lives, and yet only 7% of adults over 50 have an LTC policy. Assured Allies’ partnership with EquiTrust offers consumers a way to take an early, proactive role in the financing of their aging, enabling them to prevent what they can and prepare for what they can’t. Through the new Bridge fixed indexed annuity and NeverStop, consumers will be able to lead more active, healthy and independent lifestyles with access to personalized wellness plans, web-based tools and a health coach. 

“Americans as young as 55 are starting to think about what they can do now to create a lifetime of successful aging; we created NeverStop for this generation,” said Roee Nahir, Co-founder and CEO of Assured Allies. “We use predictive analytics to create a personalized program that integrates nutrition, cognition support and personal coaching. By distributing this through EquiTrust – we are honored to have them as a launch partner – we combine these proactive steps with LTC insurance, for the first time, to eliminate future financial burdens.”

NeverStop is a win-win solution for both consumers and carriers. Consumers benefit from the clear wellness benefits, but also from the low-friction, digital underwriting that includes a LTC benefit with a 100% guaranteed issue. For carriers, NeverStop opens new distribution opportunities and improves persistency, helping them achieve better overall ROI. 

“I have experienced the challenges of navigating the LTC ecosystem firsthand. The industry is ripe with opportunity to address important challenges that have been unmet for decades,” said Larry Nisenson, Chief Growth Officer at Assured Allies. “We have taken a science and data-led approach and combined it with human connections to bring both providers and consumers a solution that helps them overcome these challenges in new ways.”

“EquiTrust is always looking for ways to bring additional value to our policyholders,” said Joe Norton, Chief Operating Officer at EquiTrust. “Our development of this innovative product through our partnership with Assured Allies will give us access to NeverStop, which will give our policyholders both the practical tools and the financial means to achieve the goal of aging in place.”

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About Assured Allies:

Founded in 2017, Assured Allies is on a mission to help people get the most out of life while also making longevity financially sustainable. Assured Allies is the leading provider of evidence-based successful aging innovation with deep expertise in data science, medical insights on aging and program management.

Co-founders Roee Nahir and Afik Gal, a medical doctor, were inspired to create Assured Allies based on their own experiences as caregivers to aging family members. They gathered a diverse team of physicians and data scientists, social workers and experts on aging, united by their mission to help people age successfully, on their own terms. Assured Allies has an extensive network of industry partners in long-term care, insurance and a range of service providers. Assured Allies is headquartered in Boston and has an office in Tel Aviv.

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About EquiTrust:EquiTrust Life Insurance Company is a trusted provider of life insurance and annuity products with a strong track record of operating performance. EquiTrust is a national carrier of competitive, client-friendly options, available through various distribution channels including more than 16,400 independent sales representatives and independent marketing organizations. EquiTrust offers fixed-rate and indexed annuities and life insurance and is headquartered in Chicago with operations in West Des Moines. In June 2015, Magic Johnson Enterprises became the majority shareholder, making EquiTrust Life Insurance one of the largest minority-owned life insurance companies in the history of the country at $25.7 billion in assets. For more information visit